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CEO/Founder – Elandas Miller

From a young age, Elandas always enjoyed playing baseball, football, soccer, and basketball. As a teenager, he loved math and economics. This inspired him to study Business Management at the University of Georgia where he was emerged in the idea of becoming an entrepreneur during his management courses.

He is deeply passionate about promoting community involvement and spreading happiness through different forms of engagement. Before devoting his time to Kicking It Sports, Elandas served as an Analyst for three years at Fortune 500 companies in the Atlanta area where he learned many analytical techniques and methodologies.

Kicking It Sports was founded for the purpose of following his passion through games of kickball and ultimate frisbee. Elandas wants to provide a safe and fun environment for kids and adults to be competitive and enjoy their time with family and friends. He believes that everyone, no matter their age, longs to be a kid again. KIS is a place where all players can get in touch with their inner kid and have the time of their life.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve the KIS experience, please
feel free to reach out to us.

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